Friday, November 25, 2016

Maui's Pa without fire

Maui's Pa without fire Retold by Seamus
Standing on a hill, Maui gazed around his Pa.
“I wonder what the Pa would look like if there isn't any fire?” Maui thought. Night fell and Maui crept out of his whare with a gourd full of water. He saw the first fire and poured water over it. The fire sizzled and made little wisps of smoke, as it went out and he repeated this to all the other fires. Once done he crept back to his whare and fell asleep.

The next morning  Maui yawned and woke up,
The people from the Pa are banging on his door shouting “MAUI WHY DID YOU PUT OUT ALL THE FIRES???” and “MAUI GET OUT HERE THIS INSTANT!!!!!!”
“And if I don’t?” He asked the people of the Pa.
“Alright!!!!” he yelled. He opens the door. “All you have to do is go get some from the Fire Witch, in the volcano”.
“Well you do it then” They told him.
“Fine” said Maui, And he set off to get more fire from the volcano.

He arrived at the hellish place full of bubbling pits of tar and lava.
In the middle of the pits and cracked earth stood the Volcano itself, home of the fire witch. The fire witch’s name was Mahuika and on her fingers were ten hot flames. He walked into the Entrance of Mahuika’s Lava Cave, but at the same time Mahuika fired flame from her fingers. Maui ducked and the flame, sparking as it went hit the wall. BOOOOOM!!!! “Look” said Maui “All I want is a flame for my Pa’s fires” “Well in that case sure you can have one but don’t let it go out” said Mahuika. “YAY” yelled Maui. ”THANK YOU Mahuika!!”

Maui walked back carefully to the village with his flame. Suddenly a huge fish burst out of the water snapping and biting Maui. “OW” Maui cried in pain. Maui threw his flame at the fish. It turned red and disintegrated into dust. Maui then ran back to Mahuika and asked for another flame. Mahuika said “Ok Maui BUT DON’T LOSE IT”.
“Ok” Maui said. Maui then started walking back to his Pa with his flame.

Maui finally reached his Pa. The trip had taken him 5 Days because he spent one day getting there and the rest, getting the flame and coming home. The People Of the Pa jumped up and said “Maui, your back! Now we can light the fires again! The Leader of the Pa grabbed the flame out of Maui’s hands. Then he ran over to one of the fires and threw the flame at it. The fire ignited and threw a huge cloud of smoke ash into the air. He then jumped up and down and ran around shouting “YAY OUR FIRE IS BACK!!”. He then ran over to all of the other fires and started to light the rest of them too. Maui just sat down watching him and then fell asleep.

What was tricky with the writing?
Finding words to end my story.
What would you do better next time?
Add more detail, maybe make it a
bit more interesting.
I am most proud of……

My words that I used in my story and my way I retold it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

PBL-Design The Next NZ Uniform.

Design the next New Zealand Uniform
Our project was to design the next New Zealand Uniform for the 2024 Olympics.
We could either buy a t-shirt or make make one yourself.

Our Questions:         
WALT write open ended questions and full answers
  1. What uniform did nz wear at the first ever Olympics?
In London 1908 our first Olympic team wore uniforms that look like they were made from scratch. NZ teamed up with Australia to make a team called Australasia. As seen in the photo their uniform is just a cap, shorts and t-shirt   
Screenshot 2016-08-18 at 12.05.20 PM.png
2.    Who designs the New Zealand olympic uniforms?
The olympic uniforms were designed by many different people, Shane Hansen designed the New Zealand Olympic uniforms with peak. Some designers just kept the design basic. That got some people thinking different negative things.

3.    Why do they have to wear olympic uniforms?
To represent our country in the Olympic games. The uniform represents New Zealand's bright night sky and our wide open spaces and our big fields. The athletes feel proud to represent their country.
4.   How do they make the olympic uniforms?
The designers would get together to plan a new design for the olympic uniform. They then produced more than 21,000 items of clothing. Once the uniform was made all the athletes received 45 items of clothing each. Some of these items were shorts, leggings and shirts.

5.   What did people think of the New Zealand uniform?
The uniform was released on a Wednesday night and already the judging was that it was a bit rubbish. A designer called Steven Dunstan thought that the designs were a bit basic and they didn’t represent our country that much.

                              Group Q&A
  • What is the history of NZ’s olympic uniforms?
Countries: Antwerp 1920,Berlin 1936,London 2012.  
1.In Antwerp We had it with our uniform basicly made from spare material like scrap cotton wool & fabric to make up this batch of shirts.

2. We looked pretty sharp except for a couple of too-short ties and short top hats to look kind of like a happy black and white office man.
3.We weren't a million miles away from the 1936 look but the blazers look sharp on these NZ uniforms.


History of NZ Olympic uniforms.  
Is this even a NZ team?
No.The team was made up of Australians and was called Australasia. Check out their sign wielder. His uniform looks like the captain of a giant cruise ship and the competitors look like a swimming .
What did our first olympic team look like in Antwerp?
Our first Olympic team In ANTWERP, 1920, coached by swimmer Violet Walrond’s dad, Cecil, were in some uniforms that look like they made them from scrap pieces of cotton and wool.



            How to make the designs

You will need:
A4 Paper
Material or a t-shirt itself
Vivid or t-shirt marker
A buddy or just yourself
Plastic bag

  • Plan
   First you Plan your design onto an A4 piece of paper so you will know what to do when you make the designs for the t-shirt
  • Next you have to buy the t-shirt or make your own out of fabric and patterns.

  • Then you grab your plan and start drawing on the shirt with Super vivid (Or any vivid).

  • While drawing place a plastic bag or your plan in the middle, I would place the plan so you could trace it to be the exact

  • If what you wanted to draw what wasn't part of the plan then, put a plastic bag inside the t-shirt then draw.
  • There you go! You now have your very own designs on you t-shirt.


Jaedyon:I chose to make a NZ Olympic uniform because I wanted to help make a uniform for our team in 2024. I was happy with how it turned out in the end but it was hard to co-operate with Seamus sometimes.

Seamus: It was fun making the t-shirt with Jaedyon. C. BUT when we went to trace the designs it went through to the other side.
We worked just O.K at the start but we finally we
started getting along more. That helped us to finish the t-shirt.

Look down to see our finished t-shirt:

                Photo of shirt     


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Calendar Art

Calendar Art
I made this artwork by thinking what my family Favourite
colours are and used them in my art.
I also did what Max did and put a flag in the background
(But he put the indian flag in his instead of the irish flag.

I am most proud of the flag in the background because I am irish
(well half irish because my dad is full irish)

Monday, September 12, 2016

Paora Winitana Visits Parkvale School

File:Wikinews Breaking News. ...
968976_496363167104547_1933825929_n.jpg968976_496363167104547_1933825929_n.jpg    Paora Winitana  Visits Parkvale School
Parkvale School walked into their hall for Assembly. Then once everyone came, Paora Winitana came in. Paora is a famous Hawke’s Bay basketball player who is an ambassador for New Zealand Basketball. He came to Parkvale School this day to help promote basketball as a fun sport to play.

Paora asked for a volunteer from the audience, Navanjot. He was asked to throw the ball in the air while clapping 5 times This boy tried twice to catch the ball. He finally got it right the 3rd time. Then he was asked to sit down on one of the seats. After that, other people tried. Then IT GOT HARDER. Teachers were asked to come up and do something even more difficult. Paura chose 3 teachers, Mr Moriarty ,Mr Dickson and Miss Pohe to come up. Link
Here are some photos:                                                   IMG_2322.JPGIMG_2259.JPG
IMG_2286.JPGDate: 29/7/2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

P.E. Reflection

Building Learning Power - Reflecting on Blind Throws - P.E

What went well? Why? How?
It went well because we WON. YAY! We won with 59 points and the other team
Only got 27 (LOL)

How did it feel as a Learner when playing (Blind Throws)?
It was ok but the teacher kept giving us the wrong instructions. It was really annoying   

One thing I could improve on is …..
Giving feedback to other people because I didn’t give much to other people.
I also need to tell other people where they are throwing to help them to get the beanbag in the hoop.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Literacy/Reading Questioning Task

Asking questions

Title: a new home for Mokomoko                            Names: Analise & Seamus

questions                                                            What clues & details do i notice in the text                                                                                                           
Before reading
what is a mokomoko?
What is it about?
It is about Mokomoko (a skink) getting a new home

The title
The paragraphs
The detail
During reading  
Is a skink a insect?
No they aren't but they are in the lizard family.

Detail about it
After reading
Are they going to make more homes for

The pictures are showing
                           Asking questions

Title:                                            names:

questions                                                                      What clues & details do i notice in the text                                                                                                           
Before reading

Why are mustelids pests?

The title
The paragraphs
During reading
Why do they have sharp teeth?

The words and detail
After reading
Are they ever going back to where they came from

The pictures